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Meet The EyeCare Associates Doctors

Our eye doctors are highly trained to address the specific needs of their patients and give you the quality care you deserve.  They are committed to offering you the latest and best technologies.  Our eye doctors take the time to complete a thorough exam and answer questions you might have regarding your eye health.  In addition to prescribing glasses and contact lenses, our eye doctors also diagnose, treat and manage different eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.


Jennifer Lee Alverson, O.D.

Catherine S. Amos, O.D.

Rose M. Betz, O.D.

Casey M. Brown, O.D.

Charles K. Brown, O.D.

Debra H. Brown, O.D.

Emma Budraitis, O.D.

Michael J. Carboni, O.D.

Jimmie Jean Corley, O.D.

Clyde G. Echols, O.D.

Michael Freeman, O.D.

A. Teresa Glass, O.D.

Murray Glusman, O.D.

Lynn S. Hammonds, O.D.

Benjamin Harris, O.D.

Jeffrey D. Hill, O.D.

Victoria H. Hines, O.D.

Gregory A. Hively, O.D

Fredrick Jackson, O.D.

Norman C. Johnson, O.D.

April Player Jones, O.D.

Michael M. Kwarcinski, O.D.

David A. Lee, O.D.

William G. McInnish, O.D.

Lori A. McStoots, O.D.

Chrissy Manning, O.D.

Kenneth R. Moultrie, O.D.

Lawrence N. Nicastro, O.D.

Benjamin Pendergrass, O.D.

Patrick A. Rossi, O.D.

Gina Scott, O.D.

James E. Skoney, O.D.

Michael St. Peter, O.D.

Kristin S. Sullins, O.D.

William H. Sullins, O.D.

Karen S. Vanoy, O.D.

John A. Walters, O.D.

Mary Tally Watson, O.D.

Christine D. White, O.D.

Kenneth R. Winton, O.D.

Carrie E. Wolfe, O.D.